Water Therapy

Time spent in or near water is therapy...

Time spent on a surfboard, immersed in nature’s healing salt water, looking off in the eternal distance, waiting for that next wave, contemplating life or existence or connectivity has a profound impact on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Gliding along water on SUP or kayak can create a serene, meditative mental state bringing us closer to the connectivity of all and the concept that all is one. This allows for a peaceful state of being and feelings of being connected to Earth, ourselves and one another. This also has an impact on folks wanting to do more to save our precious environment.

We hear a lot about self care. Part of self care is getting out of our comfort zones and trying new things or working at improving upon current capacities. In doing so we diminish negative self speak, increase self worth and develop a sense of competency and accomplishment. In facing fear..whether it’s snorkeling with fish, or a shark (or whaleshark!), or trying to surf for the first time, or getting into a kayak and gliding over the ocean..we all have different reservations and some of us have fears. Getting into the water and facing those fears, overcoming our limiting self speak with assistance of a caring guide can be incredibly rewarding and manifest a sense of worthiness and accomplishment. Immersion in wilderness allows for expansion, growth and understanding the cycles..seeing beyond our selves. Remember that feeling of awe when you looked to the seemingly infinite endless stars in the night sky as a child? Remember that time you witnessed a whale and peered into its eye and felt incredibly small? Remember when you danced like nobody was watching, laughed until your stomach hurt and completely forgot about responsibilities or perceived personal limitations? At Fluid we make a point of honoring these moments and creating space for these kind of personal experiences and growth. Connecting back to the inner child. Allowing for play, for fun to be in joy.. We believe in the powers of laughter, of growth and joy. Unplugging from the media, news, social media and our ‘normal’ mental speak allows for creating space for contemplation, reconnection to the natural elements and shifting into new realms of possibilities. NO WIFI for periods of time we find to be incredibly uplifting and freeing. We hope you find your experience with Fluid to help bring a sense of calm, peacefulness, balance, connectedness, hope and harmony into your life.