The team at Fluid is actively dedicated to preserving, care-taking and acting responsibly in our local areas and the planet abroad.


Our philosophy of responsible tourism reaches far to show leadership and education in this manner.
Working with the permission of the park administration ANAM, our tours are small in size to ensure minimal disruption to the environs we visit and the natural history we witness. Observing responsibly includes mindful speeds in the Coiba park area, giving animals their space, education and absolute no trace camping. Even the delicious meals we provide are sourced intentionally. Our guides are conscientious and respectful of Coiba, proud leaders and environmental stewards. We adhere to the efforts of organizations like Marviva in the park.

In Santa Catalina we have been instrumental in developing the town’s recycling program, encouraging earth and environmental education in the schools, promoting and participating in beach clean ups. We donate to, promote and assist Sea Shepard Panama  in their endeavors. We helped to organize spay/neuter programs in the village and will continue to seek other ways to promote Earth conscious activity.

On a community and social responsible level we are proud to work closely with the local community in Santa Catalina. We intentionally don’t have a motorboat, thereby relying on, employing and working with local families. Building relationships of mutual respect and understanding is a key element to our success.

Reaching further, we have been long time advocates and donators to World Wildlife FundThe David Suzuki Foundation , Ocean Conservancy,  Sea Shepard and Surfrider Foundation to name a few.

Let us know if you wish to know about or get involved in some of these initiatives in Santa Catalina, Coiba, Panama or abroad.