Panama is blessed with fantastic surf.

On the Pacific side, Santa Catalina is home to “El Punta” or The Point but there are so many other beach breaks and point breaks worth discovering.

Some days we prefer to surf with the crowd at our local spots but we also like to get away from it all and go to some of the ‘other’ spots that might be less well known.

If you’re looking for a day excursion to Morrillo, Moriato, Isla Cebaco, Morro Negrito (Emily’s) or some of our other fave spots, let us organize a surf tour for you and your crew.

We can also organize a surf photographer for you if that’s your thing..but mostly we’ll be in the water with you trading sweet rides.

Also check out our Santa Catalina surfboard rentals, surf camps, and sea kayak & surf extravaganza