Tales from the Sea

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Upon reflection of the recently completed week long expedition on Coiba Island, I realize that the accompanying dolphins that guided us out to this lost world, was a sign of the wildlife and beauty to come.

Excited to get to our secluded beach to set up our base camp and get exploring the group was also eager with questions and hopes of sightings. Our camp proved to be full of life with all the signs of lots to come…including the white faced monkey that joined us our first morning to empty out a few coconuts and toss them down to the ground which happened to be our kitchen.

We bathed in what was coined “crocodile pool” as there were new tracks of a curious croc who found himself sharing his domain with new tenants. We never did see him, but his fresh tracks after each night proved his presence.

We saw a number of different birds including mating bare-throated tiger herons, mating great black hawks, endless pairs of parrots, humminbirds, purple honeycreepers, the odd osprey, boobies, brown pelicans, and frigates to name a few.

Under the sea was no different…sharks and turtles were plentiful including white tips and nurse sharks..not harmful, don’t worry! The rays were jumping 4-5 feet out of the water all around us and of course we saw all sorts of colourful tropical fish in large schools.

The meals were splendid, with great variety and capped off with Michael’s 7lb Red Snapper caught fresh, cleaned and served. YUM!

Every corner we turned and every bay we explored proved fruitful..including our stop on “Playa Mango” where we watched a troop of Howler Monkeys play in a grove of mango trees! Exciting!!

fish-talesWe capped off most nights with some of the clearest nights of star watching you could imagine..Milky Way, shooting stars and constellations to boot.

On our final day we took a boat ride along the coast of this very large island to the Penal Colony and listened to a little history of this storied jail.

Upon return to Catalina we surfed and reflected upon the amazing place and how fortunate we all felt to be a part of this place and all it’s granduer.

I anticipate to return very soon!..I hope to share this magical place with you some day soon.


“Coiba is a beautiful tropical island and National Park. A UNESCO designated wilderness area. We were fortunate to spend 3 days and 2 nights camping on the Beach. From there our group of 7 went on kayaking expeditions and had lots of opportunity to snorkel in the warm tropical waters. The reefs were teeming with beautiful colourful fish, healthy coral and we were lucky to see huge turtles and ray swimming beside us.

We had one nature walk through the tropical forest.

Our two guides Adam and Yaka were very attentive and fed us well.” Noel L.