Packing List

P1040984Generally speaking, unless we’ve arranged otherwise, we meet at the Fluid shop for 8:30 to depart before 9. The shop is easily found at the Town Beach and the main road. Reminder we have no washroom or water source at the Fluid show up with full water bottles (can be refilled out on Coiba), breakfast in bellies and emptied bladders!

What to bring:

For paddling/ day trips…swimsuit or pair of shorts and lycra shirt  or rash guard(or regular t-shirt or long-sleeve), a big hat, sandals (such as Tevas or Chacos-not flip flops), lots of sunscreen, water bottle (recommend stainless steel) We provide a dry bag to help keep your gear dry for the day

For camping overnights…light weight, quick dry pants and  long sleeve shirt (helps w/ sandflies at dusk), sleeping pad and bag or sheets, flashlight, camping towel, toiletries and medications and passport (reminder to waterproof in zip locks), compass or GPS and other personal gear you will want to have along with you. On our “hikes” no need to bring big clunky boots..basic sneakers or Teva-types will be sufficient.  We provide basic sleep mats. A sheet for sleeping is need for bulky sleeping bags.

For ANAM dormitory-style accommodations…all you need is your personal affects and a personal towel.

For Surfing…baggies, warm water wax, rash guard, surf booties (for the tender footed), zinc (for the nose and lips), and a positive attitude.

For Santa Catalina…relaxed wear for town and nice, informal dinners. REMINDER….there is no cash machine in town, so come prepared!!P1100844

In general… rain gear, cameras and lots of film/memory, medication and supplements, zinc and sunscreen, highly recommend good quality polarized sunglasses, a basic mini first aid kit (we have a comprehensive kit), guide books, a good novel. Fishing gear for those who wish to fish.

Reminder on expeditions and overnights to carry your passport with you (and valuables  are recommended too)

Also we do rent snorkel equipment but recommend that you bring your own!

For the “sun sensitive”..a reminder the sun is quite strong..long sleeves and bucket hats go along way! Polarized sunglasses too! Lots of zinc, lip protection and sunscreen-no less than 15spf.

For the “Bug sensitive” chitres can be a hassle at dusk..long pants, long-sleeves and Skin So Soft may help. Afterbite or Benadryl for comfort..

GUIDE”S TIP: Bring Gold Bond Powder!!!!!…and Polarized Sunglasses.